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NFC plates and signs

Signs are an important way of communicating with the immediate environment. Making maximum use of limited space, signs can advertise, explain or even give directions. A QR code or an NFC chip is a simple way of making signs come alive by adding interactive content. Intelligently executed digital extensions increase both the amount of information you offer and its emotional reach. Experience shows that this increases your chances of success with potential customers, visitors or new employees.

Smart signs since 2013

tuomi can look back on over 10 years of experience with smart signs.

In 2013, tuomi installed smart information boards with QR codes and NFC chips at stops for the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) which still function smoothly to this very day. Here we combined QR codes with NFC chips to keep access as simple as possible.

In Germany, tuomi information boards with QR codes are installed on churches and chapels, enabling visitors to access a wealth of exciting digital information. The content was researched by tuomi and prepared to suit the target group and includes multimedia content.

You too can benefit from the advantages of combining digital and analogue signs, with or without an app. We will gladly advise you on your choice of material for the sign and will be happy to provide you with suitable signs. We can also support you in designing effective and exciting digital content. Get in touch with us today.

Intelligent electronic nameplates (DIN Spec 91406: 2019-12)

DIN Spec 91406: 2019-12 is used for the automatic identification of physical objects and the storage of information about the physical object in IT systems. Smart NFC tags or tags with QR codes are perfect for applications such as these.

The signs and the data management system from tuomi meet the requirements of VDI 2770 and DIN Spec 91406: 2019-12.

Advantages of tuomi

The advantages of the tuomi intelligent nameplate:

  • DIN Spec 91406: 2019-12 fulfilled
  • VDI 2770 fulfilled
  • Simple content management system
  • Multi-client capable
  • With and without app
  • Automated updates
  • Multilingual
  • Multimedia capable
  • Interactive maps
  • Statistics


ÖBB NFC-Schild

ÖBB NFC Sign: Always know when your train is coming

Always be up to date with ÖBB. The digital display boards are always up to date thanks to the NFC solution from tuomi. Up-to-date and fail-safe.

KEB Trier NFC-Schild

KEB Trier and tuomi: Digital signage opens churches

Smart signs from tuomi with QR code and NFC chip open chapels in the diocese of Trier. Multimedia content is just a scan away. All without an app. The client is the Catholic Adult Education Trier (KEB).

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